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Under the Pharmacy Act 1948 sections 10 and 18, the Pharmacy Council of India, with the approval of the Central Government, hereby makes the following regulations named "Pharmacy Practice (Amendment) Regulations, 2021"

In PPR (Amendment) 2021, the following roles and responsibilities were added,

7A. The duty of the Drug Information Pharmacist in the Drug Information Centre in Hospitals.

7B. Details of Position, Title and job responsibilities of Clinical Pharmacist.

As per the PPR Amendment 2021, Qualification for the post of clinical pharmacist is PharmD and the individuals should have undergone training and experience on the followings,

1. Involvement in formulary development, drug use evaluation, and quality assurance activities

2. Ambulatory care experience;

3. Ability to research and analyze the medical literature including drug information, disease states, and clinical practice guidelines;

4. Extensive knowledge of pharmacy and its related subdisciplines (therapeutics, pharmacology, physical pharmacy), formulary development, drug use review, quality assurance, legal, regulatory, and standards of practice;

5. Should have such length and type of practical experience for new recruits as specified by the Pharmacy Council of India;

6. Fluent in English and regional language of the place in which the Clinical Pharmacist works.

The Drug Information Pharmacist shall-

Provide information and advice regarding drug interactions, side effects, dosage and proper medication storage to patients, physicians, dentists and other health care professionals;

(i) provide drug information to patients, caregivers, and health care professionals;

(ii) create and maintain currency of a variety of print and online educational resources for patients, namely, tip sheets, pamphlets and health care material such as in-service documents, newsletters on topics namely, optimal medication use, general health, or select clinical questions;

(iii) educate health care professionals on safe and effective medication-use, policies and processes, including development of resources to communicate these information's;

(iv) lead or participate in continuing education services for health care professionals;

(v) precept and educate pharmacy students and residents;

(vi) participate in quality improvement research projects and drug cost analysis;

(vii) contribute to the biomedical literature, and

(viii) provide peer review for other contributors.

Purpose, duties and responsibilities.- The Clinical Pharmacist shall -

(a) provide patient care which optimizes the use of medication and promotes health, well and disease prevention in collaboration with physicians and other health care professionals;(b) evaluate all medicare coverage requirement requests;
(c) ensure compliance to all clinical procedures;
(d) coordinate with pharmacy and medical staff to perform regular interventions according to present drugs;
(e) perform regular evaluation on all usage and dosage of drugs;
(f) ensure absence of all reactions;
(g) assist all patients with assessment of patient orders;
(h) assist prescription infusion and ensure adherence to all laws and regulations;
(i) gather, maintain and analyze all laboratory data;
(j) record all required patient information;
(k) make recommendations to change dosage if required;
(l) administer and complete all pharmacy care plans;
(m) perform reconciliation of all medications and supervise all sterile mixing processes;
(n) review all medications and equipments and ensure accuracy and effect functioning;
(o) manage all communications with physicians and patients;
(p) assist to resolve all patients within required timeframe;
(q) maintain record of all medications for patients;
(r) ensure absence of all discrepancies;
(s) analyse all side effects and drug interactions;
(t) retrieve clinical information for monitoring;
(u) revision of the medication use process;
(v) coordinate with all medical case managers;
(w) evaluate all high risk members to prevent all risks;
(x) participate in all patient associated meetings;
(y) prepare all clinical documents;
(z) participate in all on call activities for pharmacy;
(za) evaluate all pharmacy claim data and identify all clinical savings;
(zb) attend all therapeutic and pharmacy committee meetings;
(zc) design and maintain all medication protocols for all clinical pharmacists;
(zd) coordinate with all clinical team members to ensure optimal services;
(ze) provide support to all clinical programs;
(zf) ensure compliance to all medication process;
(zg) evaluate all data to administer all drug utilization patterns;
(zh) monitor all departmental activities;
(zi) analyse all quality improvement activities;
(zj) present all annual studies for management;
(zk) serve as a drug information resource;
(zl) contribute to drug use management activities;
(zm) work with other faculty on drug information service-related projects as needed;

Reference: Pharmacy Council of India

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