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Dear Member,

We are happy to inform you that our PharmD Info Forum have gathered more than 2000 members from various pharmacy college students/graduates. Till today we have made 840 open online forum topics for discussion and the contents were delivered via RSS feed and Social Networks to more than 35 thousand Indian Pharmacy fraternities directly and indirectly. PharmD Info forum has achieved the milestone of 1000 users/day and >800 organic search keywords/day were generated from the last 4 months as per google analytics statistics report.

Moreover, PharmD Info Forum is ranked by Alexa (Amazon.Inc) and the Indian Ranking for our website is 88,752, and we thank our members who were actively involved in various forum discussions and indirectly contributed in developing quality web contents for the benefit of Indian Pharmacy Professionals. Now, we focus on ranking our website in the Google Rankings System and we believe to achieve it with the support of our PharmD Info forum members.

We kindly request all our forum members to make your mark in our forum by posting Pharmacy Related Questions/Articles/Group Discussions on the respective PharmD Info forum titles. We have formed various Forum Pharma Groups/Teams like Clinical Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist, Pharmacovigilance, Community Pharmacist, Industrial Pharmacist, and Regulatory Affairs and so on. Interested members can join in any of these groups by accessing User Control Panel – PharmD Info Forum.

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