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The Development and Validation of Questionnaires

The work entailed in reporting cases must be a worthwhile contribution to well-designed studies that will not make excessive demands on the time and goodwill of its respondents. Therefore, questionnaires should be as brief, simple, attractive and “user friendly” as possible.

Does this questionnaire identify the variables of interest? How will each of these variables be analysed?

Is a questionnaire the most appropriate way of collecting this data?

Will these questions enable the researchers to distinguish between rival hypothesis relating to the research questions?

Has the questionnaire been piloted sufficiently (Usually 5-10% of sample)?

What steps have been taken to measure the reliability and validity of this question- naire and are the measurements sufficient?

Is the length of time to complete the questionnaire acceptable? (In all but excep- tional cases this should be 10-15 minutes maximum.)

Will the respondent have access to all the information required to complete the questionnaire? If not are the steps required to obtain that information ac- ceptable (e.g. Asking the patient for a return appointment)

Are any questions unnecessary, repetitive or inappropriate? Are filter questions clear and employed appropriately?

Are the sections/ questions in a logical order?

Is the layout compact, not crammed, and attractive?

Are closed responses and layout standardised wherever possible?

Are all questions worded in a clear, concise and unambiguous manner? Are the instructions meaningful and easy to follow?

Have the recommendations and conditions specified in the application guidelines been followed?

Is the protocol for sending out reminders and additional copies of the questionnaire both sufficient and acceptable?

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