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Procedure for State- Wise Pharmacy Council Pharmacist Registration -India. That includes renewal of a license from Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Maharastra and etc.
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The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) has launched a national digital platform for registration and tracking of pharmacists titled Pharmacist Registration (Pharmacist Profile) and Tracking System (PRTS).

A link has been provided on the PCI website

All the registered pharmacists in the country are requested to fill their pharmacist registration details as per the following steps:-

1. Step-1: Type

2. Step-2: Click on User Management

3. Step-3: Register yourself and click‘Submit’.

4. Step-4: After registration, fill the details in the proforma titled“Pharmacist Profile” and click‘Submit’.

The Pilot launch w.e.f. 13.11.2018 is first done for pharmacists registered with Delhi State Pharmacy Council. The same will be rolled out for the entire country w.e.f.1.12.2018

Watch the below video to know more

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