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TTO stands for Time Trade-Off, which is a technique used in health economics to measure the value or utility of a particular health state or medical intervention. The TTO method involves asking individuals how much time they would be willing to trade off from their life expectancy to avoid a particular health state or condition.

Here is an example of how TTO calculation works:

Let's assume a person has a health condition that reduces their life expectancy by 10 years, and they are asked how many years of their life they would be willing to give up to be completely healthy. The person may respond that they would be willing to give up 2 years of their life to be in perfect health.

The TTO value for this person's health state can be calculated as follows:

TTO value = (1 - (Years of life given up / Years of life expectancy with the condition))

Using the example above:

TTO value = (1 - (2/10)) = 0.8

So the TTO value for this person's health state is 0.8, which indicates that the person values their current health state at 80% of the value of perfect health.

TTO calculation can be used to compare the value of different health states or medical interventions, and can help healthcare providers and policy-makers make decisions about which interventions to prioritize based on the value they provide to patients.
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