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Learn how to find a Predatory journal using a "Journal Evaluation Tool" The journal evaluation tool includes two components, the rubric and the scoring sheet.

Follow the below steps to check the predatory status of a journal which you have selected.

Step 1: Follow the criteria listed on the rubric. The criteria prompt you to look to the journal and publisher websites to determine if there are markers of credibility or any red flags.

Step 2: Look at the Rationale column on the scoring sheet to gauge the importance of each criterion.

Step 3: Categorize each criterion on the rubric into one of three categories: good (receiving a score of 3), fair (a score of 2), or poor (a score of 1).

Step 4: Mark the score for each criterion on the scoring sheet. Step 5: Determine the final score after you have completed the rubric.

Step 6: Use the Guide to Interpretation at the bottom of the scoring sheet to determine if the total score suggests that the journal is likely a good, fair, or poor choice for publication.


Journal Evaluation Tool - Download
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Result Interpretation

48-38 Good: Within this range the journal meets many of the evaluation criteria defined for credibility. At the higher end of the range the journal would have the fewest credibility concerns.

37-27 Fair: Within this range the journal meets some evaluation criteria defined for credibility. The author would need to decide whether to publish in the journal.

26-16 Poor: Within this range the journal meets the fewest of the evaluation criteria defined for credibility.

The evaluation tool was developed and locally tested at LMU by Marie Kennedy ([email protected]), Shilpa Rele ([email protected]), and Nataly Blas ([email protected])
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