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Doctor of Pharmacy students are classified as IPPE and APPE students,

IPPE - Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experiences ( Pharm.D First Year to Third Year Students)

The aim of this Introductory Pharmacy Practice Experience at the entrance level is to increase student understanding of the role of pharmacists in different environments of pharmacy practice.

A college may decide to include structured simulation as part of the overall IPPE in order to meet program objectives and goals.

APPE - Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences ( Pharm.D Fourth Year to Sixth Year Students)

Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPE) enable learners to create their understanding, abilities and professional attitudes in the real pharmacy environment.

Hospital Hours for IPPE students as per PCI Regulation

Each student shall be admitted to the constituent hospital for a period of not less than fifty hours in no less than 200 working days in each second, third and fourth year of study.

Hospital Hours for APPE students as per PCI Regulation

Clerkship: Every student in the fifth year shall spend half a day in the morning attending regular ward rounds as part of the clerkship

Internship: Each student will be posted to at least four distinct specialties in the final year of the academic program during the internship (12 months) on a roaster basis.

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