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Postdoctoral Fellowships (HFSP)

The Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) fellowship program supports proposals for frontier, potentially transformative research in the life sciences. The projects should be interdisciplinary in nature and should challenge existing paradigms by using novel approaches and techniques. Scientifically, the projects should address an important problem or a barrier to progress in the field, and high-risk projects are encouraged. HFSP postdoctoral fellowships encourage early career scientists to broaden their research skills by moving into new areas of study while working in a new country.

Two different fellowship programs are available:

Long-Term Fellowship

Long-Term Fellowships for applicants with a PhD in a biological discipline, who will broaden their expertise by proposing a project in the life sciences which is significantly different from their previous PhD or postdoctoral work.

Cross-Disciplinary Fellowship

Cross-Disciplinary Fellowships are for applicants with a PhD from outside the life sciences (e.g. in physics, chemistry, mathematics, engineering or computer sciences).


1. Nationality

• A candidate who is not a national from one of the HFSPO member countries may apply to work only in a research institution in one of the member countries.

• A candidate who is a national of one of the member countries can apply to work in a research institution in any country.

• Applicants must propose to work in a country different to the one where they did their previous PhD work or postdoctoral studies. For those institutions that are not classi- fied as national, i.e. international or extraterritorial institutions such as EMBL, ICPT or ICGEB, the country in which the laboratory is located will be considered the host coun- try.

2. Doctoral degree

A research doctorate (PhD) or a doctoral-level degree comparable to a PhD with equivalent experience in basic research (e.g. a research-based MD or medical PhD) must be conferred by the start of the fellowship. It is not required at the time of submission. The “conferral date” is the date on the official PhD document.

3. Research publications

Applicants must have at least one lead author, full-length research paper either accepted for publication, in press or published in an international peer-reviewed journal or published on a pre-print server such as bioRxiv by the stipulated deadline in order to be eligible to apply.

Only publications written in English are taken into account. Review articles and patents are not taken into account. Electronic copies of lead author publications must be uploaded while preparing the application. They cannot be uploaded after the applicant has submitted.


Fellows are granted a living allowance as well as a research and travel allowance.

Depending on their specific situation, fellows may also qualify to receive a child allowance, a parental leave al- lowance and a relocation allowance.

The HFSP fellowships are for three years, with no possibility for renewal.

The applications are invited once a year.

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