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Acceptance levels of Clinical Pharmacy Services by other Healthcare Professionals in Hospitals

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10 - Excellent
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sandhoshini meena wrote: 21 Jul 2018, 11:18 Sir ,how we should create a professional rapport with other healthcare professionals
If you are entering or going to enter healthcare profession you need to personally meet all the professionals (Medical doctors, Nurses, Paramedics etc...) and introduce yourself.
Let them know about your degree/ position (clinical pharmacist) and how can you contribute or assist or help. it should be very precise and impact full. Be humble and polite.

Following this be active, punctual, available, get to know patients conditions, take pre rounds, communicate your points, listen to other people's points.
Admin wrote: 21 Jul 2018, 11:29 @pharmdga, @priya.k-nair

Dear Dr Govinda and Dr. Priya , How do you overcome the language barriers when you communicate with your patients?
Always try to communicate not only with words but also with body language, hand gestures, writing etc... whatever is possible to make patient understand.
Take help of any attender of that patient who might understand and or communicate your words to the patient.
Take help of staff (especially nursing) to forward your communication to the patient.
Use Pictographs is possible.
kvuma1998 wrote: 21 Jul 2018, 12:37 What all skills do we need to develop to become a successful clinical pharmacist?
1) Be updated about your field (Subscribe to good journals, apps etc..)
2) Good communication skills
3) Basic logic and reasoning
3) Knowledge about your subject (referenced)
4) Punctuality and availability
5) Pleasant personality
S. Manoj Kumar wrote: 21 Jul 2018, 12:43 What further studies or specialization courses are available after completion of PharmD ?
After PharmD you one can pursue
1) PhD (if interested in research)
2) Residency program (different clinical specialisations)
3) MBA (Hosp. admin etc..)

Totally depends on your interests
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