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SN Medicines Approved Indications

1. Albendazole 400mg /Routine de-worming
2. Aceclofenac 100mg, 200mg / Musculo-skeletal pain
3. Diclofenac gel / Musculo-skeletal pain
4. Paracetamol 500mg /Symptomatic treatment of pain
5. Chewable Antacid / Hyperacidity/gastric pain
6. Ibuprofen 400mg /Musculo-skeletal pain
7. Promethazine 10mg /Allergy symptoms, motion sickness
8. Cetirizine 10mg /Allergy symptoms
9. Chlorpheniramine 4mg /Allergy symptoms
10. Pheniramine 25mg /Allergy symptoms
11. Vitamin B complex /Nutritional supplements
12. Vitamin C 250mg /Vitamin C deficiency disorders
13. Multivitamins /Nutritional supplements
14. Oral Rehydration Salt (ORS) /Dehydration
15. Metoclopramide 10mg S /Nausea and vomiting
16. Povidone Iodine/Betadine /Wound dressing
17. Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose Eye Drops /Dryness of eyes
18. Methylcellulose Eye Drops /Artificial tears or dryness of eyes
19. Silver Nitrate gel 0.2% /Dressing of minor cuts and burns
20. Silver Sulphadiazine Cream /Treatment of minor cuts and burns
21. Methyl Salicylate Ointment /Musculo-skeletal pain
22. Calamine Lotion /Symptomatic allergy
23. Chlorhexidine /Antiseptic
24. Dettol /Antiseptic
25. Strepsils /Sore throat/cold symptoms
26. Lozenges /Sore throat/cold symptoms
27. Pain Balms /Topical application for pain management
28. Glycerin /Skin protectant
29. Boroplus /Antiseptic
30. Boroline /Antiseptic

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