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PharmD -Clinical Pharmacist Jobs from Indian Hospitals like Fortis, Appollo, aster medicity and etc. The requirement in ambulatory, critical care, clinical trials and etc.
If you are a physician assistant or a student/graduate with a clinical background anywhere in India, here is an exciting clinical internship opportunity for you. In this opportunity, you will have direct interaction with physicians and patients in the health care setting. You will develop consultation skills that are required to obtain and deeply understand the patient's true story. Additionally, it will improve your patient counseling skills. Moreover, during this clinical internship, you will explore and experience HealthCloudAI’s clinical product.

HealthCloudAI is on the mission of improving the quality of healthcare in developing countries like India. We are developing assistive Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions targeted at revolutionizing and transforming Indian healthcare.

We, at HealthCloudAI, are working in collaboration with physicians and other healthcare providers like the president of Pharmacon society and so on in order to provide the utmost level of patient care. Currently, more than 20 PharmD students/graduates are doing this internship in hospital settings across various regions in India. More information at

Now, we are extending this opportunity to a larger section of candidates with a clinical background. If you meet the following requirements, we invite you for this great opportunity in improving your clinical skills and helping Indian healthcare.

**Apply only if you are able to find a consultant to work with**

Responsibilities and Duties
Work in collaboration with a consultant to ensure optimal patient care using HealthCloudAI’s product.
Establish trust with consultants and incorporate HealthCloudAI’s product as a vital part of the patient-care team.
Maintain a good rapport with the patient and the consultant.
Report weekly feedback from doctors, patients, and share your own experience about the product.

Required Experience, Skills and Qualifications
Preferred qualifications (Any of the following):
Students pursuing Pharm D (Doctor of pharmacy) 4th, 5th, and 6th year/internship.
Graduates who are working as clinical pharmacists, hospital pharmacist, residents or duty medical officers (DMO), duty doctors
Final year students/graduates of MBBS, Bpharm, Mpharm, BHMS, BAMS degree
Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing

Mandatory instructions to applicants:
  • Applicant must find a consultant with a busy Outpatient department (OPD), and who agrees to use HealthCloudAI product in their practice (as a pilot trial) for about a minimum of 4 weeks**
    A minimum of 15 hours of commitment per week is required for each applicant.
    The applicant should be able to start immediately.
Other Requirements:
If you are interested, please email the following documents to the email id mentioned in PDF here:
(Your application will not be considered without following documents)
  • Recently updated curriculum vitae
    Short paragraph on why you are interested in this position
    Names of potential consultants/physicians along with hospital name where you are intending to do the pilot.
A certificate will be provided upon completion of your internship.
Weekly or bi-weekly compensation.
Can be at your preferred location

Skills you will develop:
A great relationship with the consultant.
Consultation skills by working in a real healthcare setting
Patient counseling skills.
Communication skills.
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