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TDM Notes- Amikacin
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TDM Notes- Amiodarone
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TDM Notes- Amitryptillene
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TDM Notes- Anti-retrovirals
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TDM Notes - Carbazipine
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TDM Notes- Lidocaine
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TDM Notes- Methotrexate
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TDM Notes- Phenytoin
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TDM Notes- Quinidine
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TDM Notes- Warfarin
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TDM Notes- Valproic Acid
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TDM Notes- Theophylline
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Few references I have got for your question,

In Therapeutic Drug Monitoring , the peak plasma concentration is calculated for all patients who are on Non Steroidal Anti-inflammatory Drug Therapies for a long time for chronic illnesses ?
The following paper "Practical recommendations for the use of therapeutic drug monitoring of biopharmaceuticals in inflammatory diseases" May answer your questions I believe. Thanks for your question.

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