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At present, WHO declares the coronavirus outbreak a pandemic, Its nothing but coronavirus infection has spread through multiple countries and continents and affected multiple people. So Its called as pandemic. Read the below epidemiological terminologies to understand more.

Some important Epidemiological Terminologies and Its Meanings

What is Sporadic?

Sporadic refers to an unusual or irregular illness. Pathogens include foodborne organisms include Salmonella or E. Colli, often intermittent outbreaks of disease.

What is Cluster?

Cluster refers to a disease that takes place in greater numbers, even though there is an unknown number or cause. An example is the cancer cluster often identified after a accident in a chemical or nuclear power plant.

What is Endemic?

Endemic means that a disease is present and/or frequently found in a regional population.

What is Hyperendemic?

Hyperendemic refers to chronic and elevated levels that are substantially higher than in other populations. For example, in parts of Africa, HIV is hyperendemic, while one person in five has the disease and one in 300 is endemic in the U.S.

What is epidemic?

The epidemic refers to a drastic rise in the number of disease cases above the normal.

What is Outbreak?

Outbreak has the same concept as an epidemic, but is typically used to describe a geographical occurrence that is smaller.

What is Pandemic?

The pandemic involves an disease which has spread through multiple countries or continents, and typically affects multiple people.
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