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Yes, you can move your PharmD studies from India to another country. The procedure and conditions for doing so, however, may vary depending on the nation and university you want to move to.

You can follow these general steps:

Make sure you fulfil the entrance standards for any possible PharmD-granting institutions you find overseas. Do this by researching which institutions offer these programmes.

Verify that your credits from the Indian PharmD programme you are currently enrolled in may be transferred to the overseas institution. Transcripts and other important papers can be required.

Follow the admissions procedure and submit an application to the overseas university. Academic transcripts, test results, essays, and other application documents could be sent in this manner.

Once you've been approved, you'll need to apply for a student visa and meet the country's requirements for studying abroad.

Last but not least, be careful to confirm with your current Indian university that you've followed all the essential steps to exit your programme and transfer your credits.

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