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Differences between MBBS and Pharm.D Courses

Total Duration
MBBS/MD : 6.5 Years/ 3 years
Pharm.D/Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate) : 6 Years/ 4+3 Years


• Anatomy and Physiology
• Bio-chemistry
• Forensic Medicine
• Pathology
• Microbiology
• Pharmacology
• Community Medicine
• Medicine
• General Pharmacological Principles and Applied Sciences (MD)
• Toxicology (MD)
• Molecular Biology in Pharmacology
• Isolation of Compounds from Herbal Sources (MD)

*Pharm.D/Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate)
• All subjects given in MBBS/MD
• Pharmacotherapeutics
• Pharmacoepidemiology
• Pharmacoeconomic s
• Clinical Research
• Clinical Pharmacy
• Biopharmaceutic s
• Medicinal Chemistry
• Pharmacokinetics and Therapeutic
• Drug Monitoring (TDM)
• Hospital Pharmacy
• Pharmaceutical Formulations
• Biostatistics and Research
• Methodology
• Pharmaceutical Analysis

• Clinical Clerkship : No
• Clinical Project : Yes
• Clinical Internship : Yes
• Clinical Posting : Yes (Started from 3rd semester)

#Pharm.D/Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate)
• Clinical Clerkship : Yes (6 Months during 5th year)
• Clinical Project : Yes
• Clinical Internship : Yes (1 Full year)
• Clinical Posting : Yes (Started from 2nd year)


MBBS/MD : Diagnosis of different ailments

Pharm.D/ Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate)
• Medication Therapy Management
(Individualizing the treatment )
• Pharmacotherapeutics
• Therapeutic Drug Monitoring
• Drug utilization Evaluation
• Pharmacology (Deep understanding)
• Biostatistics (Deep understandings)
• Pharmacoepidemiology
• Pharmacoeconomics
• ADR monitoring and management
• Drug interaction Monitoring
• Medication Adherence
• Dose calculations
• Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
• Patient Counseling
• Pharmaceutical Chemistry
• Pharmaceutical Analysis

MBBS/MD : Less exposure related to Drugs (Deals mainly with the diagnosis)

Pharm.D/ Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate) : Less practical exposure in the hospital related to surgery (Deals mainly about the drugs)

Pharm.D/ Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate) : Running in more than 30 Countries Like USA, Canada even in Pakistan

MBBS/MD : Diagnosis

Pharm.D/ Pharm.D (Post Baccalaureate) : Pharm.D in USA have full rights to prescribe the medicine to patient. In fact he is the only responsible healthcare professional as far as drug therapy is concern.

From Sourabh Kosey sir
ISF College of Pharmacy, Moga, India

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