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unbreakable wrote: 18 Nov 2020, 17:15 Where PharmD Students have better job opportunities when compared with India and abroad? Do PharmD Graduates in India or Aboard have a good scope? Let me know your opinion friends.
In India, PharmD or Doctor of Pharmacy is in the preliminary stage and the program (course) outcomes are seen in recent years in healthcare set up as a clinical pharmacist, drug safety experts and etc.

But, specialty wise experts are limited and the utility of these graduates is not fully understood by governing bodies and other healthcare professionals (Including Patients).

Indian PharmD Graduates have better opportunities abroad because in foreign countries clinical pharmacy-related services are fully established and they can play the main role as a clinical pharmacist in the healthcare team with the highest pay scale.

Indian PharmD Graduates need to undergo Foreign Pharmacist Licensure Examination to practice in the US, UK Canada, Australia, Dubai and etc.

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