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PharmD India wrote:I am in a great confusion of who I am in pharmacy branches 1) Pharmacy Practice or 2) Clinical pharmacist ?
My teacher is a Pharmacy practice lecturer and he never come to ward to teach. Now I am in dilemma who am I, a clinical pharmacist or pharmacy practioner? What is what of these two ?

who I am in pharmacy branches 1) Pharmacy Practice or 2) Clinical pharmacist ?

Answer to your questions

Pharmacy Practice is a department or branch under the Pharmacy profession, Clinical Pharmacist is the job or role that you can play after you expertise yourself with PharmD/M.Pharm programes. As simple technically you cant call yourself as clinical pharmacist when you are practicing as a student.

The mentor/lecturer who trained you at bedside we call them as academic preceptor. In developed countries there will be a separate Clinical Preceptor to train the students at bedside. In india lecturers acts a Academic preceptor and doctors act as a clinical preceptor and both should be available in the ward to train the students.
Thanks for your reply,
Then why don't My seniors are not having jobs and unlike USA why my teachers not working as a clinical pharmacist in the teaching hospital rather than just showing the work without role play?
Even the staff are not competitive with the knowledge, they teach just by theoretical knowledge. Role play is important to motivate the students. We thrive for clinical skills. We are in huge frustration and PCI is not taking any measure to undertake the knowledge status of teacher whether they are competent with the skills and every where the students complain the same but none were taking care about their future.
This issue is not new to the pharmacy profession in India. We failed to make impact on the society by our pharmaceutical care activities and more focused on pharmaceutical industrial needs. PharmD degree is an entry or opportunity for us to prove that we have major role in healthcare system than just dispensing or manufacturing the drugs. So, students, teachers, PCI, and other governing bodies have equal responsibilities to preserve this course and to overcome every barriers that we face. In India this course is new, Moreover tasks are different to deal & to teach and its takes some time to improve because concept of providing clinical service in hospital itself new to the Indian pharmacist and this issue is not only with Pharm.D course and its curriculum. On this regard PCI and IPA conducting various programs like Preceptor development programs,Pharmacy practice modules and staff development programs to improve the standards of PharmD education but the same time we should focus on making good impact with the people by our services and our future depends on their recognization and not by companies or industry support like past histories. Thats the reason why we included Indian Patients and Doctors forum also in our PharmD info. The purpose of this site is to improve and sharing knowledge within our health care profession and i will be happy if you form your group in PharmD Info with your college members to support this work.
That's most welcoming information administrator.
The pharmacy practice is established in 1998, but the pharmacy practice professionals doesn't able to provide any impact on the hospitals for 10 years and now PCI introduced the PharmD but what is the use releasing a flop profession with modifications. Unlike other professionals PharmD's can't enter the industry and now PCI Pharmacy practice regulations 2015 has not given the scope for PharmD in community pharmacy. Does this rational or leaving PharmD in the veil.
If the teacher don't practice in hospital, how the other health professionals know about our activities, how the students know about the roles and responsibilities. In USA, PharmD"s has license to practice in community pharmacy as that generates a huge revenues and in UK they have prescribing rights. The recent changes in Panjab, Jarkhand and Westbengal they are giving license to prescribe for all pharmacists. That's means a PharmD, DPharm, BPharm, MPharm all will prescribe. If so what is the rationality given for the PharmD. PCI is making colleges as a business centres and the current PharmD course fee in my collage is 20 lakhs. Does this fair to say PCI is a good regulatory body? We are not learning anything from the MCI, they are very strong in these, even the MCI president was jailed for malpractice. Even the PharmD associations are not having support from the faculties or anyone? Why? The associations only visible in Facebook, media and in roads. I fear if any doctor ask a question directly to this association before anyone, then all PharmD's will be naked. Never ever get a chance to serve without knowledge. If you have any comments please respond sir.
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