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When you share and exchange knowledge in our forum mutually, all our members and others also will be benefited through your valuable contribution. As you may be aware that social network discussions and their contents will not be taken by any search engines for indexing purposes.

In forum discussion, your words or contents will be taken by search engines, and It will be served to the needy person when they Google, Yahoo, Bing it in real-time. Also, we expect you to support the Indian based pharmacy website like PharmD Info.

Some members find it difficult to make a post in our forum, we listed a few common questions and answered here for your understanding,

Who can post a topic for discussion in PharmD Info?

Any registered pharmacy members can post a topic in our forum, if not registered with portal kindly do that first click here

Who will approve your topic?

PharmD Info - Moderators will approve your first few topic/replies. After 3 topic approvals, you need not wait for moderator permission. You will be automatically validated as a regular member of PharmD Info. Check out the list of moderators - Here

How to post your topic on PharmD Info Forum?

It's simple as like you e-Mail someone, before that you should obey our forum rules to ensure and preserve a healthy relation with our external and internal professional members. To begin with, your topic on our forum, select a topic from the area where you're specialized, once the topic title is finalized prepare your content (Please don’t copy-paste any contents from any resources) for the same title. You can include images, files, polls, and other relevant video extensions.

Kindly post your topics/questions on respective forum titles. Right now, we have made different forum titles and forum subtitles in our PharmD Info Forum. - Find the list of PharmD Info Forum Titles - From Here Based on member request, new forum tiles can be made and that particular member can take the role of moderator for that forum title.

Some General Rules to Follow

1. Don’t post any Images/Videos under your forum title without any descriptions.

2. Post your titles only under relevant forum titles. e.g: If the Topic is: ‘Vacancy in GSK Pharmaceuticals’ Should be posted under the Pharma Jobs forum title.

3. If the topic is not viewed by any members for more than five days, automatically that topic and its contents will be deleted by our BB Pruning system. (No recovery options)

4. We are very happy to celebrate your forum contributions in terms of offering BB points for each post, these scores can be used to upgrade your membership levels on our forum.

5. When you post questions, kindly include the background information with relevant descriptions.

6. Your content should be unique, and it should be valuable to the members and guests.

7. Your contribution will help others to update their knowledge, so pay more attention before you make any posts on our forum.

8. Copyrighted materials should not be shared without proper consent or permissions.

What to post as a beginner in PharmD Info?

In general, as a new member you can start posting the following category of information's, but it’s not limited to the following areas or pharmacy domains.

- Study Materials (B Pharm, M Pharm, Pharm.D Subject Wise)
- University Model Question Papers (Including GPAT etc.)
- Your college seminar/workshop/conference brochures
- Group Discussions (e.g. Higher Study Guidance, Case Discussions)
- New Drug Safety Alerts (FDA, CDSCO, and DCGI Alerts)
- New Drug Information’s
- Patient Education Materials (In English and other Local Languages)
- Questions & Answers (Anything related to Pharmacy Related Subject)
- Drug regulations and its related discussions
- Ethical Issues and Clinical Research
- The research method of Statistics Related Questions/Answers
- Tips for Journals and Manuscript Writing
- Drug and Disease Information (Hypertension and Diabetes Patients Questions & Answers)
- Clinical Pharmacy Services – Method & Discussions
- Job Notifications
- Pharma News

If you have any questions, feel free to post your comments below. Thank you

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