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Mallesh wrote:In relation with my experience and conscious, bright future ahead in developed nations like US, France etc., provided with MBA after Pharm.D.
In India, I am looking forward for the similar opportunities to be happen in the near future.
[Note: I am unaware of the opportunities in India]
Thanks for your reply. What is your opinion on doing residency in India?
Dear Dileep Roa sir ,the information was very valuable but I wanna cause few queries ,if have to opt for Ms which course you would suggest and after the completion of Ms in order to apply for the job , shouldn't we acquire license by completing the license exam and if so will there be time to complete the required licensing exams and intern hours along with the Masters course.
Dear all,
Higher studies option after PharmD:
1. MHA (Master of Hospital Administration)
2. MBA (Hospital Management)
3. MPH (Master of Public Health)
4. PGD (Any medical sector)
5. PhD (Any medical topic)
6. Residency Programs/Fellowships (Upcoming in Indian hospital)/ PGY1
7. MS (In medical/Pharmaceutical stream) in abroad.
8. MD (Doctor of Medicine)/DO in abroad.
Thank you!!


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