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Hello karthik, N.N Inamder is a very good GPAT practice book. It gives full fledged information with worked out questions with very good explanations. It also compiles all the previous question papers with solved answers
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Natural Products: Pharmacognosy & Phytochemistry, Chemistry, tests, isolation, characterization and estimation of phytopharmaceuticals belonging to the group of Alkaloids, Glycosides, Terpenoids, Steroids, Bioflavanoids, Purines, Guggul lipids. Pharmacognosy of crude drugs that contain the above constituents. Standardization of raw materials and herbal products. WHO guidelines. Quantitative microscopy including modern techniques used for evaluation. Biotechnological principles and techniques for plant development, Tissue culture.

Pharmacology: General pharmacological principles including Toxicology. Drug interaction. Pharmacology of drugs acting on Central nervous system, Cardiovascular system, Autonomic nervous system, Gastro intestinal system and Respiratory system. Pharmacology of Autocoids, Hormones, Hormone antagonists, chemotherapeutic agents including anticancer drugs. Bioassays, Immuno Pharmacology. Drugs acting on the blood & blood forming organs. Drugs acting on the renal system.

Medicinal Chemistry: Structure, nomenclature, classification, synthesis, SAR and metabolism of the following category of drugs, which are official in Indian Pharmacopoeia and British Pharmacopoeia. Introduction to drug design. Stereochemistry of drug molecules. Hypnotics and Sedatives, Analgesics, NSAIDS, Neuroleptics, Antidepressants, Anxiolytics, Anticonvulsants, Antihistaminics, Local Anaesthetics, Cardio Vascular drugs ? Antianginal agents Vasodilators, Adrenergic & Cholinergic drugs, Cardiotonic agents, Diuretics, Antijypertensive drugs, Hypoglycemic agents, Antilipedmic agents, Coagulants, Anticoagulants, Antiplatelet agents. Chemotherapeutic agents ? Antibiotics, Antibacterials, Sulphadrugs. Antiproliozoal drugs, Antiviral, Antitubercular, Antimalarial, Anticancer, Antiamoebic drugs. Diagnostic agents. Preparation and storage and uses of official Radiopharmaceuticals, Vitamins and Hormones. Eicosonoids and their application.

Pharmaceutics: Development, manufacturing standards Q.C. limits, labeling, as per the pharmacopoeal requirements. Storage of different dosage forms and new drug delivery systems. Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics and their importance in formulation. Formulation and preparation of cosmetics ? lipstick, shampoo, creams, nail preparations and dentifrices. Pharmaceutical calculations.

Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence: Drugs and cosmetics Act and rules with respect to manufacture, sales and storage. Pharmacy Act. Pharmaceutical ethics.

Pharmaceutical Analysis: Principles, instrumentation and applications of the following: Absorption spectroscopy (UV, visible & IR). Fluorimetry, Flame photometry, Potentiometry. Conductometry and Plarography. Pharmacopoeial assays. Principles of NMR, ESR, Mass spectroscopy. X-ray diffraction analysis and different chromatographic methods.
Biochemistry. Biochemical role of hormones, Vitamins, Enzymes, Nucleic acids, Bioenergetics. General principles of immunology. Immunological. Metabolism of carbohydrate, lipids, proteins. Methods to determine, kidney & liver function. Lipid profiles.

Microbiology: Principles and methods of microbio0logical assays of the Pharmacopoeia. Methods of preparation of official sera and vaccines. Serological and diagnostics tests. Applications of microorganisms in Bio Conversions and in Pharmaceutical industry.

Clinical Pharmacy: Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Dosage regimen in Pregnancy and Lactation, Pediatrics and Geriatrics. Renal and hepatic impairment. Drug-Drug interactions and Drug-food interactions, Adverse Drug reactions. Medication History, interview and Patient counseling.
Recommened books for Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT)

Pharmaceutics: Lackman, Remington, IP, Martin, NK Jain ( for NDDS), GK Jani (For calculation)

Pharmacology: KDT, Rang & Dale, Lippincott wilium Ilustrated Review of Pharmacology

Pharma chemistry : Morision & Boyed, Jerry March, I.L.Finar , Wilsion -Gisvold

Pharmacognosy: Trease & Evans, willis, Kokate

Biochemistry: Lippincott wilium Ilustrated Review of Biochemistry, Harper, U V Satyanarayan

Microbiology: Pelzar, Presscott

Clinical Pharmacy: we will put important topic on our study material section + Roger walker

Analysis: Silversteine, Y R Sharma ( For UV, IR, NMR, MASS), Vogel, Scoog, willard, B.K. Sharma

Jurisprudence : N. K. Jain

Natural Products Chemistry: O. P. Agrawal

Organic Chemistry: Morision & Boyed

Physical Chemistry: O P Tandon
Morision & Boyed

Graduate Pharmacy Aptitude Test (GPAT) SYLLABUS

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