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In a strategic move that involves direct participation of patients in the Pharmacovigilance Programme of India (PvPI), the Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) has recently launched the ambitious medicines adverse effect reporting form for consumers i.e. the patients in the presence of Dr. G.N. Singh, DCG(I) at the national level conference on “participation of patient/consumer organisation in PvPI, which was held on 1st August,2014

It is necessary for the consumers from all over India to report ADRs under PvPI, in order to ensure drug safety and hence, the patient safety in the country. Therefore,various consumer representatives from all over the India attended the conference and learnt about the pharmacovigilance and its importance.

They were made aware of the need to report Adverse Drug Reactions (ADRs), either directly to the National Coordination Centre (NCC)–PvPI via helpline number i.e.1800-180-3024 or via a dedicated email [email protected] or to their nearest ADR Monitoring Centre (AMC) under PvPI.

The Medicines Side Effect Reporting Form for Consumers is available on the website:

Interestingly, this will be first done on pilot basis across all the 150 adverse drug reaction (ADR) centres to gauge the impact it creates among the patients and on whether they are comfortable with the module prepared by them for reporting of ADRs in future.

Once this project takes off, the IPC which acts as the national coordination centre (NCC) for the programme plans to pan it across on an active manner for better success of this initiative.

This form was launched to sensitise the patients about the adverse drug reactions and the immense importance in participating in PvPI programme directly to achieve grand success of this progamme. As of now, there are two forms available in reporting of ADRs; first one is red form for healthcare professionals and another one is blue form for consumers to report adverse events due to medicinal and health products administration.

NCC will be revising or amending the form periodically as per the suggestions or comments received from the stakeholders, to make it better acceptable among the masses. The current version of consumer reporting form is available in English version; however NCC has already started converting the same into Hindi and regional languages.All the members were highly impressed with this effort of NCC-PvPI to move a step ahead and involve consumer in the noble cause for the human welfare in India and appreciated AMCs and NCC technical team for achieving it.



To Download the PDF Medicines Side Effects Reporting Form follow the below link
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