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The Board of Pharmacy Specialties ® certification is the gold standard in assessing that pharmacists are trained to perform at the advanced level of practice. There are currently more than 42,000 pharmacists worldwide trained by the BPS board in 11 specialties.

List of Board of Pharmacy Specialties

1.Ambulatory Care Pharmacy

2.Cardiology Pharmacy

3.Critical Care Pharmacy

4. Geriatric Pharmacy

5. Infectious Diseases Pharmacy

6. Nuclear Pharmacy

7. Nutrition Support Pharmacy

8. Oncology Pharmacy

9. Pediatric Pharmacy

10. Pharmacotherapy and psychiatric pharmacy.

Why BPS certification is important?

In India, the pharmacy practice in the infant level and its a know fact that we should improve and upgrade the standards of our service to benefit the patients and get recognized.

In this context, this type of programs ( BPS and etc) will help us to advance the practice skills and knowledge.

How to apply for BPS Board certification from India/Abroad?

Eligibility for Applying BPS exams

To be eligible to take a certification examination, you need to have a degree from a pharmacy program accredited by the ACPE or an alternative educational program accepted by the BPS (outside the USA),

Make your registration at MyBPS

To make your registration - Click Here

Select Your BPS Specialty

From the list of BPS specialties you can select any one of the specialty as per your interest or institutional/hospital requirements.

Exam Date and Fees

Certification examinations for each of these specialties are offered annually. The dates of the specialty examinations vary from year to year, but the examinations are offered twice a year, in the spring and again in the fall.

The spring testing window is typically a two to three week period in late April and early May, and the fall testing window is a two to three week period from mid-September to early October

BPS will no longer charge $685 for candidates testing outside of the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. The certification application fee is now $600 USD for all domestic and foreign candidates.

The Certification retake application fee is still $300. Only candidates who have failed the certification exam within the past year are eligible for this $300 reduced rate.

BPS exam Pattern

Merely knowing "facts" about drug therapy and statistics is not enough to pass the specialty examinations. A candidate's ability to apply the facts to hypothetical patient case scenarios using clinical judgment and relying on past patient care experiences is critical to successful performance on the examinations.

BPS Sample Questions

The following test questions are widely used items for the BPS certification examination. They are used to supply applicants for illustrative purposes with the layout and design of test objects.

Sample Questions -Click Here

Validity of BPS Certification

Once an individual passes the certification examination, the length of certification is 7 years.
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