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As per central government order 21 days of lock-down is followed in India from 25th March 2020 mid night to 14 April 12 PM 2020.

At present COVID-19 cases are increasing in India. At this uncertain situation i have two questions.

1. Will the government extend the lock-down period through out the nation? or only in most affected places?

2. Most infected area ( District or Village) people will be allowed to travel?

Did the government made any official circular or notification on this regard?

Kindly share if you know anything.
Till today there is no any official information. Hope we can expect the announcement with in this week.

National carrier Air India has stopped bookings for domestic and international flights till April 30 as it awaits a decision from the government on the lockdown that ends on April 14

SpiceJet and GoAir, they have started selling tickets for international flights from May 1.

We need to wait till April 14th to get the clear instructions from the state and central government.
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